Addition and Subtraction in 10 Fluency Practice!

Happy Sunday!

Sundays are a day for me to get ready for the week, both making new materials that will be utilized in the classroom as well as creating new content for my students and the online teaching community! Today I’m sharing one of my current best sellers:

Avengers Addition and Subtraction Fluency Practice – in 5s 10s and Doubles!


Download Here!<<<

This is a great resource to help your students practice their fluency skills in the classroom or at home! The file includes 2 versions of each page, as well as everything in black and white for saving ink.

2 addition in 5     2 subtraction in 5     2 mixed in 5     2 addition in 10     2 subtraction in 10     2 mixed in 10     2 doubles up to 5     2 doubles up to 10

In my classroom, I have each page laminated for reuse and students practice at the beginning of their math Station 1 rotation, tracking their progress as they grow. Students love the graphics and excitement of practicing their fluency skills.

I hope your students enjoy this resource!

-Mr. OB


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