Skip Counting!

It’s time to start kicking things off and stop feeling so overwhelmed about making a blog! Hah, I’m hoping to get into the swing of posting new materials as I create them.  I have finally been able to sit down and take the time to compile all the skip counting materials I have created into one complete BUNDLE and I am excited to share it with you!

>>> Skip Counting BUNDLE <<<


One thing I love doing which consumes way too much of my time is creating interactive materials for my students to engage with that they can relate to. My students LOVE super heroes and star wars – so why not use that to help them practice the important skill of skip counting?

A FREEBIE to get you started are some anchor charts to help your students learn to count by 5s and 10s:

>>> FREEBIE <<<


I hope you and your students enjoy!

Check out the other individual files for skip counting through links on the bundle page.

-Mr. OB



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