Current Read – Uniquely Human

This year I made a commitment to myself to try and read one new book on autism every few months to gain new information and perspectives of the field in which I work.

My current read – Uniquely Human by Barry M. Prizan, PhD.


I chose this book as it takes a different perspective towards the condition of Autism which resonates well with me. Whenever I speak to people who ask me about autism and what it is, the main point I try to get across is while it is defined as a disability, I like to view autism as simply a different way of interacting with the world.

History has provided us with societal norms we have created – but who is to say what we view as normal is the correct path? What exactly is normal?  Everyone is different, not only those with disabilities but individual to individual. We all feel out of place when constrained by these norms from time to time, those with autism simply get viewed differently since people see things through the lens of what we know. What is different to one, is normal to the next. By understanding our peers with autism and accepting them for who they are (as we should with anyone), we can better the world we live in together.

While not through this book in it’s entirety yet, it has been a good read thus far and I will update this post as I complete it.

Click the link above to get taken to the book on amazon and enjoy!

-Mr. OB



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