Dr. Temple Grandin

What better way to learn about autism than from someone who is actually autistic!

Dr. Temple Grandin is a top in her field of animal science, a consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior and a professor at Colorado State University.  Now, what sets her apart from others is that she is on the autism spectrum.  She has given numerous talks and is an advocate for autism.  She gave a speech at the famous TED conference about autism and the way autistic individuals see things differently.  Here is a link to this speech which is wonderful –

Dr. Temple Grandin at the TED conference:

She was also the subject of an HBO movie which was nominated for 15 emmy awards of which it won 7.  This is an amazing movie that depicts Temple Grandin’s story through school and becoming the successful woman she is today.  It is brilliantly made and captures the struggles many autistic individuals face, especially when working to live independently.  A highly suggested film to watch!

Temple Grandin movie trailer:


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